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Developed in Arkansas. One of the hardiest, most vigorous, heaviest-producing everbearing strawberries. Cold hardy. Ripens in early summer and continues to fruit until first frost. Self-pollinating.





Prefers a soil pH of 5.3 to 6.5. When Quinault plants reach maturity they will attain a height of 8 to 12 inches and spread will be about 12 inches. Will produce berries on unrooted runners. Berries are large to very large, round to round conic. Soft, bright red in color, sweet fruit. Produces from late Spring through fall. Quinault was found to be the most disease free everbearer ever tested. Self pollinating.





The variety Chandler is a high yielding variety, produces very large fruit, and appears to be well adapted to southern regions. It is adaptable to the eastern US, and in many different production systems including matted rows.




Earliglow is an early producing, medium-sized berry, with great flavor. The size decreases greatly as the season progresses, making it difficult for u-pick farms to sell the later fruit. The plant is vigorous, is resistant to red stele and moderately resistant to verticillium wilt.






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